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As members of the Order of Archangel Michael, we are meant to stand with the ideals of love, harmony and peace and to act with honor and integrity.  We take responsibility for our choices and actions and strive to live consciously.

Archangel Michael counsels us to be loving caretakers of Planet Earth, to be grateful and cherish her bountiful gifts.  All that exists, after all, is a part of the Divine. Therefore, all of creation deserves our consideration and benevolence.

Whether you are an OoM member or simply a fellow traveler who cares deeply for all living things, you are invited to join us in taking the...

Planetary Pledge:

I pledge to act with conscience and care for the planet.
I pledge to embrace the role of planetary steward.
I pledge to conserve and preserve planetary resources to the best of my ability.
I pledge to revere and to gratefully acknowledge the gifts of Grandmother Earth.
I pledge to end indifference within myself and engage in loving guardianship.
I pledge to act wisely and live consiously

To notify us that you're participating in the pledge click here.

Click here to learn about the danger of using plastic bags. Most supermarkets sell inexpensive tote bags to use when purchasing your groceries.  My pledge: NO MORE PLASTIC BAGS!
Click here and/or click here to learn how to reduce/offset your carbon footprint.
Click here to participate in the World Peace Experiment.

Links to FREE Click-to-Donate websites:
The Rainforest Site
The Ecology Fund
Plant an Oak Tree
Help plant a tree
Save Old Growth Forests (Sweden)
Surrey Wildlife Trust
Save rainforest
Plant a tree in the rainforest
Feed Hungry Children in Argentina (click on button that says GRATIS) 
Fight Hunger
Feed Children
Employ/Educate Impoverished

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