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I, Michael, come to you to heal that which in you is fear, for I am the Protector, and I carry the Sword of Light. I protect this Universe, and I bring you now the knowledge that each of you is surrounded by the Light, and I ask you to arm yourselves with the Purest Love of the Universe.... Imagine the hottest flame in existence; it is that Flame which is beyond heat. It is the flame of Love, Pure Love, that comes to you. That is what I am made of; that is what the Sword of Light is made of; that is your protection and your cleansing. If you choose, allow the Blue-White Flame to encompass you, and invite that flame that stems from the Sword of Michael to heal, to clear, to cleanse any negative thought, any part of you that is touched by grief, by anger, by fear.  ~ Archangel Michael channeled through Diana Henderson, September 13, 2001

Channeled messages from Archangel Michael and the Council of Light are available with the links below. The first is a portion of the channeling from October 2001, which contains information about the Order of Archangel Michael and is a "must read" for those in the Order. Other messages may be accessed through the website of Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship, Raleigh Chapter, for which OoM Founder Diana Henderson writes a regular column called Messages from Michael.

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