Order of Archangel Michael
Initiation and Activation

Initiation into the Order of Archangel Michael is a beautiful and sacred experience [sacred here meaning simply “worthy of dedication and respect”].

Energetically, both in nature and in benefits, the initiation has been compared to attunements or activations given in the various healing arts. The difference in this case is that those receiving this gift are being aligned in particular with Michael's energy and abilities.

The third eye and crown chakras are attuned by Archangel Michael’s energy during the initiation, potentially opening us to greater awareness energetically and intuitively. Our inner Sword of Light is also awakened during the initiation, which strikes a chord and sends the resounding message to the Universe that we are ready to stand with the Light and embrace the truest aspects of our beings.

Once awakened within us, this energetic Sword may then be utililized in harmony with Michael’s to clear or cleanse, cut through energetic debris or chaos in our lives, focus and empower loving affirmations or prayers, and connect with the Light of the Divine.

The initiation process elevates our vibrations and, since Michael’s service extends to the area of Divine Will and Power (in addition to Protection), his initiation aligns our energy with that of the Divine. Part of Michael’s intention for the initiation is that it put us more in touch with our life or soul purpose and either lead us onto that soul path or enhance the pathwork we’re already doing.

The initiation ceremony shares common elements with energetic attunements as well as ordinations. A detailed description is offered at the event for those attending or by email to participants who are initiated at a distance.

The initiation is a kind of compassionate call to arms as at this time in history we are asked to stand with the Light, to heal the fears within our own hearts through unconditional Love, to bring forth peace and love upon this planet.

Each of the initiations share common aspects; however, Archangel Michael has guided many versions of the attunement according to what is needed at the time the ceremony is offered. Some of the past initiations have focused on the following:

The 444 Radiance Attunement: Of this attunement, Archangels Michael and Uriel say, "In the radiant dawn of consciousness, Ascension Gates stand ever open for you to bask in the essence of peace, shift with the alchemy of Spirit, rise to meet the glory of perfection in your soul's truth. We shine with you to awaken or restore the radiant luster of your brilliant and singular essence. Angels of Earth, unite! Remember your radiance and live the light of your spirit!"

The Ascension Attunement (Order of Archangel Michael and Order of Archangel Metatron): This powerful and loving event incorporates all aspects of Divine Light available to us to create the framework for personal and planetary shifting into greater grace, abundance, joy and love. We welcome the opportunity to step into fifth-dimensional awareness for a taste of the Golden Age to come. The door to the higher realms is at last flung open wide, and we are asked to embrace its glowing extension of PUREST LOVE and carry that with us into the future.
        Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron are joined by all of the Archangels who stand before the Throne of Heaven (Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadkiel) to assist participants in opening to frequencies that activate the awakening codes of Light and align us with the Ascension process. As we connect our conscious awareness to the light of the I AM Presence, we empower ourselves to manifest Divine Truth.
        Of this attunement, Archangel Michael says, “We, your kindred in the Light, join in the reverie of Spirit as the time of mastery is upon you. The choices you make in this moment shall build the template of your life amd your world. So it is that we ignite the power of Ascension and urge you to ascend into joy, love, peace and fulfillment.”
This attunement was recorded on 12/21/12 and is now available on CD (see details at How to Join near the bottom of the page).

The Ascension Dynamics Attunement: Archangels Michael and Metatron assist participants in opening to frequencies that activate our Lightbodies and align us with the Ascension process. As we connect our conscious awareness to the light of our I AM Presence, we empower ourselves to move embrace the Divine essence. “Prepare yourselves. It is time to build your temple of Light, to activate your Lightbody for the journey of Ascension. We will guide you as you arise into the truth of your spirit.” 

The Awakening Attunement: Archangel Michael joined by Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadkiel and Metatron assist participants in opening to frequencies that activate the awakening codes of Light and align us with the Ascension process. As we connect our conscious awareness to the light of the I AM Presence, we empower ourselves to manifest Divine Truth. Of this attunement, Archangel Michael says, “We are your kindred in the Light. It is time to remember your part in the Divine Plan, to awaken to your soul’s truth and prepare the path to Ascension.”

The Feminine Divine Attunement: Archangels Michael and Faith: “To align the world of form with the world of light, it is necessary to balance masculine and feminine energies. Welcome the Divine Feminine aspect in cooperation with the Divine Masculine to open to greater levels of Light and restore the True Essence of Wholeness upon the Earth.” (This will be repeated in 2011.)

The Gateway Attunement: Archangel Michael and Archangel Zadkiel: “You have climbed the mountain. It has been a long and arduous journey. With love cleanse the waste that lies behind you. In accordance with your readiness, it is time to move through the gateway. Let the Blue Flame and the Violet Flame light your way.”

The Healer, Teacher, Messenger Attunement: Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Metatron and Melchizedek: “Your soul calls to you: Awaken healers, teachers, messengers of Light; receive the encodings of Grace so that you may more fully embrace your path. Hand  in hand, we shall blaze the trail into the Light.”

The Healing Attunement: Archangels Michael and Raphael: “It is time to transform limitation into loving vibration, release past pain and embody bliss. Every soul must heal; every person become a healer. Awaken to your spirit’s truth of Wholeness. Evolve into the healer who is no longer wounded and the warrior whose battles are all won in the heart. We welcome you as you arise into Light.”

The Peace Attunement (available on CD): Together the Seven Archangels with Michael at the helm create the framework for future peace. “We ask you to experience the rainbow of Divine Light and know your true potential. [We] shall merge our energies to call forth your multi-dimensional essence. The myriad of Divine expression will light your path to peace.”

The Shamballa Attunement: Archangel Michael and Archangel Zadkiel, Sanat Kumara and the Light of Shamballa: “It is time to harmonize the higher dimensional frequencies in oneness with Earth. Allow the fifth dimensional resonance to make its home within your being so that this may extend to all life here. With love cleanse the waste that lies behind you, and join the Great Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light in holding energy for the evolution of yourselves and the planet.”

Order of Archangel Michael and Order of Archangel Metatron Initiation: The Timeless Attunement: Of this attunement, Archangels Michael and Metatron say, "It is time to step into the timeless Light of Eternity. We beckon you to remember, beloved ones, that every moment is the same moment and that you are forever. Time shifts into the multi-dimensional framework of Divine Reality as you begin to perceive that Truth. We are here to help you become ready for such perception and assist you in reclaiming your multi-dimensional understanding of the Wholeness that is Divine."

Note: Order of Michael is not intended to supersede or replace anyone’s religious practices or beliefs. We accept members from all faiths.  Aligning with Michael's light can amplify our most loving intentions for healing and enlightening all.

Open to all who feel called to receive this blessing, the initiation is offered in the Raleigh, NC, area, and OoM Founder Diana Henderson also occasionally travels to perform the initiation for groups elsewhere. In addition, it's possible for those who live at a distance from the venue where the initiation is held to participate. (Details on distance initiation procedures are sent via email after a person registers.)

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