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In 2010, Dancing Moon Books & Gifts celebrated 20 years of serving the Triangle metaphysical community! Dancing Moon began in a lovely little house on a side street near downtown Raleigh in January of 1990 and stayed there until October of 2002 when the store moved to Oberlin Rd. In March of 2005 the Moon moved once again to its present location on Wake Forest Road.

Dancing Moon Books & Gifts has become one of the largest independent New Age retailers in the Southeast. The store carries a large selection of books and gifts, aromatherapy, candles, CDs, incense, crystals, jewelry, tarot decks, herbs
and more. If you're looking for an enlightening experience, come by in person, have a cup of tea, and spend some time at the MOON.”  

We invite you to browse the Dancing Moon website (please note that the inventory listed is just a small subset of what's available in the store). Check the listing of readers and healers, and you'll find Order of Michael Founder Diana Henderson and members Dee Shell, Sharri Gaines and Karen Ganyard. The Dancing Moon events calendar features offerings from these and other members. Diana offers A Gathering of Angels meetings each month on the second Thursday evening, and the Network of Triangle Astrologers (President Elizabeth Wilson is a member) holds a monthly meeting on the third Thursday. Many more wonderful events are available each month at the Moon!
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Dancing Moon
s purpose is to: The knowledgeable, warm, helpful Dancing Moon staff includes Order of Michael members Cherry Lea and Beverly Bockover. The staff welcomes you to Dancing Moon and invites you to explore the store's many treasures. A wealth of enlightening, energizing and uplifting books and gifts awaits you!

Feel free to call Dancing Moon at 919-833-8081 or contact the store via email by clicking here. Dancing Moon features books on all religions/faiths, healing, metaphysics, New Age and more, and gifts that uplift, enlighten, and bring beauty to those of all ages. Check out the Dancing Moon website or visit the store. Become a fan of the Moon on Facebook by clicking here.

Note from Order of Archangel Michael Founder:

More than a decade and a half has passed since I first walked into the small house on Johnson Street that was then home to Dancing Moon. I knew immediately that I was in a rare and special place. A friendly woman behind the counter offered me a smile and a warm greeting as I entered the front area. She promised to help if I needed to find something in particular, but I was there to explore. What I found in the many nooks and crannies in that old house were countless jewels of Spirit. There were windchimes, crystals, divination tools, New Age CDs, unusual art pieces and lots of books on just about anything metaphysical I could imagine. But beyond these concrete items, I found a gentle, amazing, uplifting energy that permeated the space as surely as the incense that hung in the air.

Although Dancing Moon left behind the little house some years ago and now resides in a bright, beautiful and much larger space (filled with even more wonderful treasures!), the store still holds that joyful resonance I found on my first visit so long ago. Through the years, Dancing Moon has become my second home, and those who work at the Moon are every bit as dear to my heart as family, for indeed they are my spirit family. When I go to the Moon, I feel nurtured and welcomed! Like me, those who always felt different, who once thought they didn't fit in anywhere, can find a sanctuary of acceptance at the Moon.

For those who see/sense/feel the unseen realms of Light, the Moon is a regular gathering spot for countless Angels, Ascended Masters, Nature Spirits and all manner of Light Beings! These invisible friends (and the energy they leave behind after each visit) contribute to the atmosphere of joy, light, harmony and blessing of this magical place.

I cant say how grateful I am for the day Spirit guided me to Dancing Moon. A source of support for the community, a center for healing and enlightenment, a meeting place for seekers, a haven for those who seek acceptance, spiritual enrichment and like-minded friends—Dancing Moon is all this and more. For these and other reasons, I hold most Order of Archangel Michael initiations at the Moon and offer A Gathering of Angels there every month. After all, where else would I find such love, commitment to enlightenment and joyful vibrations of Light?! Please join me in supporting Dancing Moon as they have so lovingly supported us through the years!  ~ Diana Henderson

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