Order of Archangel Michael

Dee Shell
Head of Order of Michael, Intuitive Counselor, Jewelry Designer

Personal Statement:

My lifetime of spiritual study has provided a rich and fertile ground for my work. I am a student and teacher of comparative religions, metaphysics, the mystical Kabala and various New Thought spiritual practices. Having explored both traditional and Mystical Christianity, I hold therein to a deeply personal devotion. I have communed with the angelic realm for many years and have been a member of the Order of Archangel Michael since almost its inception. I have studied both Eastern and Western philosophies and honor both perspectives.

I awakened to my artistic soul perhaps later in life than some but have embraced it with passion and joy. I sing and play several musical instruments, performing regularly. I also paint and make jewelry with spirit energy and guidance in mind: pieces that can attune one to the great spiritual beings such as Mother Mary and Archangel Michael as well as pieces that are specifically attuned to a person’s soul needs as defined by their birth chart.

I have a special connection to the sacred feminine. I honor Her in Her many Divine Goddess forms including Kuan Yin and Isis, as well as the Heavenly Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene in the Western mysteries. This devotion led me to create the line of Divine Feminine Jewelry.  Within this connection, I share my reverence for Mary by crafting my Rosary and Devotional bracelets.

Services: Astrology, Tarot, Chakra Balancing and Channeled Guidance

Experience, intuitiveness, insight and ability to communicate with spiritual beings complement all of Dee’s work. She has a strong belief in the value of personal growth and personal responsibility aided by Grace.  In her individual counseling sessions, she shares the most effective techniques learned from years of experience and study combined with the guidance from Spirit to facilitate personal growth.
Spiritual Teacher, Astrology and Tarot Master and Reiki Master Teacher are some of her credentials. She has been doing intuitive counseling and teaching over thirty years. During her lifetime of spiritual study she has been a student and teacher of metaphysics, the mystical Kabala and various New Thought spiritual practices. She has been blessed to be able to keep company with the Angelic realm for many years.

One can expect keen intuitive insight and channeled guidance from Ascended Spiritual Beings in all of Dee’s one on one readings.  Dee uses a combination of clairvoyance and clairaudience during a session. She partners directly with your spirit guides and other teachers to assist you in your life path. She blends these insights with the fruits of a lifetime of study in both traditional and New Age models of what it means to be human.

Jewelry Design

Dee uses the same spiritual vision in her jewelry work. Each piece of her jewelry is created as a tangible spiritual meditation. Dee’s designs beautify body, mind and spirit! Her personal connection to the Divine Feminine has inspired her line of Divine Feminine Jewelry. Within this she shares her reverence for Mary by crafting her Rosary and Devotional bracelets. She also offers custom astrological jewelry. This is accomplished in two sessions: an initial astrological consultation before the jewelry is made and a follow-up meeting to acquaint you with your custom gemstone energies and their use for your empowerment.

For more information visit http://dee.raleighartists.net/ and www.deesdesignsjewelry.com or contact Dee at 919-250-9948 or by e-mail by clicking here.

More About Dee:

From Diana Henderson, Founder, Order of Archangel Michael

I've known Dee for many years and many lifetimes. After meeting through the local astrological community in the 1990s, we recognized each other as spirit sisters who walked a similar path. In 1999, along with our significant others, Dee's husband David and my husband Drew, we trained in DNA Activation and Healing, teaming up to exchange extremely profound healing sessions. The techniques we learned at that time truly offered the opportunity to experience someone at the soul level and enhanced our understanding of our deep spiritual connection. In her bio, Dee speaks of her affinity to the Feminine Divine. Indeed, the very first time I "read" Dee through the DNA reading and healing techniques, I encountered the presence of both Mother Mary and Quan Yin there to support Dee on her path. Since that time I've exchanged a number of sessions with Dee and also benefitted from her tarot classes (her focus was on Kaballistic Tarot).

When it comes to metaphysics, Dee is one of the most knowledgeable and well-read people I've ever met. Beyond that, she has a deep spiritual understanding that stems from her own intuitive wisdom and connection to the Divine. A long-time Reiki Master, she also has an innate energetic awareness that helps her navigate through the mundane world and its turbulent times.

On a personal level, Dee is an explorer as well as a creative spirit who seeks mastery in many fields. A black belt in karate, she also has trophies for her achievements in ballroom dancing and figure skating. She enjoys most athletic endeavors both as a fan and a participant and does her best to find time to get out on the tennis court or the golf course. While the outdoors calls, so the indoor creative 
excursions beckon her spirit. In addition to her jewelry designs, Dee lets her creativity and color sense flourish by painting. She's a musician as well and enjoys performing locally on a regular basis sharing her guitar and vocal talents.

Another passion is teaching English as a second language. Dee wants to help those who come to this country as they seek to embrace our language. She has an advanced degree to assist in this area.

Suffice it to say, Dee is a well-rounded person! She's also a wonderful friend, teacher and lightworker who has much beauty and wisdom to share with the world.

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