Order of Archangel Michael
Benefits of Becoming an Initiate in the Order

Although the personal benefits from enlisting in the Order of Archangel Michael (OoM) are numerous (see below), the most compelling reason to join may be altruistic as much as it is individual. Perhaps the deepest purpose we can have is to serve the cause of enlightenment for self and for all.

OoM Benefits:

Networking, Community and Promotional
The Order of Archangel Michael provides a sense of community and a network of like-minded people who seek to be supportive of one another both personally and professionally. We are able to share insights and challenges and to support one another in our efforts by promoting each other's work.

Our contact list (optional for those who wish to participate) enables members to stay in touch.

Our practitioner/entrepreneur list, circulated bi-annually among Order members, contains professional contacts for intuitives, counselors, healers and entrepreneurs of all sorts.

Our website, still in its birthing phase, will provide access to calendar listings of workshops and events offered by OoM members. Links to OoM member sites as well as optional member pages on the site are available. In addition, feature articles on our practitioners will allow Order of Archangel Michael members and visitors to the site to get to know them and their work.

As our numbers continue to grow, the opportunity to network with Order of Archangel Michael members across the globe will increase. Already we have members in Austria, Canada, Germany, India, Sweden and the United States.

Results of the Initiation
The Order of Archangel Michael initiation elevates your vibration and aligns your energy with that of your Higher or Spiritual Self. The results may include:
  • Greater access to intuitive guidance
  • Higher vibration or easier access and ability to sustain high vibrational levels
  • Amplified ability to channel healing energy
  • Discovery of and/or alignment with your soul purpose
  • Heightened connection to Archangel Michael's energy for protection, guidance, clearing, healing, etc.
  • Awakening innate spiritual gifts
  • Spontaneous healing or guidance.
Special Events
Order of Archangel Michael members are invited to participate in special events several times a year. This may include potluck dinners, channeled meditations, etc. At peak energetic times throughout the year, Order of Archangel Michael members may be asked to come together or participate at a specified time at a distance for focused group meditation intended to benefit the enlightenment of one and all. Thanks to the internet, we have the ability to coordinate efforts in meditation, healing, etc. no matter where we are, and this is something that will be done on a more regular basis in the years to come.

OoM Discounts
Some OoM practitioners, teachers and entrepreneurs offer a discount to fellow members. Founder Diana Henderson discounts the majority of her classes and workshops for OoM as well as providing a percentage off on her sessions at some point each year (usually around the holidays). Other members have done the same with their sessions and products. In addition, Mentor Members (a new feature coming soon) will offer their services at a discount to fellow participants in the Order of Archangel Michael. In this way their considerable skills and experience will be made available more affordably to other OoM members.

Commitment and Fulfillment
What a sense of satisfaction and joy each of us can gain by aligning with our soul's purpose and shining our unique light in the world! The knowledge that we're raising our own vibration and that this effects everyone and everything around us is an immense gift.

In becoming initiated into the Order of Archangel Michael, we are doing more than joining the ranks of our fellow humans in the cause of enlightenment; we're sending a message to the Divine that we're ready to work hand in hand with the angelic legions of Light. We're engaging—to whatever degree we're ready in each moment—in the vital work of Archangel Michael to bring love, healing, grace and enlightenment to every corner of the planet and every aspect of our own beings. And Michael and the Angels of the Light are there for us and with us every step of the way!

Note: Order of Michael is not intended to supersede or replace anyone's religious practices or beliefs. We accept members from all faiths.  Aligning with Michael's light can amplify our most loving intentions for healing and enlightening all.

Upon joining you will receive a beautiful, full color Order of Michael certificate printed on parchment paper with your name as you wish it to appear, and a business card size Order of Michael membership card, also printed in full color.

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