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It's almost as hard to describe the Order of Archangel Michael as it is to describe Michael Himself, because the group is multi-faceted and multi-talented, each member unique in circumstance and abilities. We come from many walks of life and many different backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common: A commitment to bringing love and healing to the Earth through our service as Lightworkers.

The Order of Archangel Michael is a non-denominational, interfaith group with members from pretty much every tradition: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and others. Please be aware this group is not affiliated with any other fraternal or religious organizations with similar names.

Among our members are doctors, psychologists, energy workers/Reiki masters, massage therapists and large number of folks whose day jobs are traditional but who contribute to healing and enlightenment in other aspects of their lives. Whatever our livelihoods, we do our best to bring light and spread love in the world—whether that's in a corporate environment, a law office, a retail store or in a therapeutic setting.

We're all working toward the same goal: enlightenment—attained by whatever path one chooses. The Order of Archangel Michael embraces persons of all faiths, nationalities, ethnicities and belief systems—to promote the understanding of our oneness while taking joy in our uniqueness as individual expressions of Divine light.

Although our members work in many different fields, probably the majority do healing, teaching, counseling or some other form of Lightwork. Many of those who presently assist in these capacities come to the initiation to enhance the work they already do. For some, the Order of Archangel Michael initiation serves as a spring board for awakening to their life path and embracing their gifts. For others, it's simply one more step toward fulfillment of their destiny.

Each of us strives to act with honor, to instill peace in our hearts and amplify it into the world, to channel creativity and healing light, to be conscious, loving people committed to healing ourselves and the planet. That doesn't mean that any of us is perfect. We're just on the path and doing our best to walk it with grace and love in each moment.

No matter your profession, if you are by nature a healer, teacher or counselor, if you're the person others come to when they seek advice or assistance, if you're the kind of person who wants to make the world a better place by your efforts or just by shining your light in whatever way brings you joy, then you're a candidate for the Order of Michael. We welcome all who feel the call of their spirit to join in the cause of enlightenment!

Note: Order of Michael is not intended to supersede or replace anyone's religious practices or beliefs. We accept members from all faiths.  Aligning with Michael's light can amplify our most loving intentions for healing and enlightening all.

Archangel Michael
From Diana: I've channeled Archangel Michael since 1999. It's really impossible for me to express his essence in words because it has to be felt. But I can say that his energy is wondrous and unconditionally loving in nature. I feel uplifted, joyful and filled with love when I communicate with Michael, which is one of the greatest gifts of being a channel.

In Hebrew, his name is Mikha'el ("Perfect One of God"); in Arabic it's Mika'il or Mikha'il. He's spoken of in Judaism, Christianity and Islam and is depicted as the "great captain," the leader of the heavenly hosts renowned for his protective power.

Michael and the Council of Light I channel asked me in October 2001 to begin to awaken the Order of Michael. They explained that we live in a pivotal time, and enough of us need to be awake and able to assist in helping others through the shifts of humanity. The Order of Michael initiation is one form of awakening that allows us to connect with Michael's energy for guidance, for protection, for healing, clearing, etc.

Although Raphael is the Archangel of Healing, each of the seven major Archangels carries a particular gift of healing. Archangel Michael's healing gift is related to cleansing detrimental or unwelcome energy as well as shielding and protecting us. His Sword of Light easily and lovingly allows the "darkness," that is, that which is born of the illusion of separateness and does not know itself to be of the light, to be transmuted. The hatred and fear in this world, the duality consciousness, create an atmosphere of energetic congestion. It's up to us, as expressions of Divine Love in human form, to clear ourselves and invite others to clear/heal in whatever ways we can. Michael's forte, if you will, is assisting in that effort.

Even though anyone can call on Archangel Michael for assistance at any time, the initiation heightens and enhances our connection to his energy and opens us more completely to that energy's capacity for awakening our unique gifts. For many people, the initiation opens greater awareness energetically and intuitively. Our third eye and crown chakras are "attuned" by Michael's energy during the initiation, enabling us to access that greater awareness more easily when we're ready to do so. Our inner "Sword of Light" is also awakened during the initiation, which strikes a chord and sends the message to the Universe and our own being that we are ready to stand with the Light and open to being our true Self.

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