Order of Archangel Michael
Leaders Dee and David Shell

Note from Founder Diana Henderson: It is with profound joy that I welcome the new heads of the Order of Archangel Michael. Dee and David are a part of the soul family of both my husband Drew and myself. In fact, Dee and I have been mistaken for sisters — and that is truly what we are at the spiritual level. The four of us have been the best of friends since we found one another back in the 1990s and quickly discovered our kinship of spirit, of interests and of life paths. Like me, Dee is a channel of Divine Light, and her role will be providing the channeled initiation experience for Order of Michael events. David will partner with her on everything else much as Drew has done for me. I feel certain that these two beautiful souls will guide this group to ever greater heights. It is a great comfort to know that I now pass the torch to two of my soul kindred, two beings of light, wisdom, knowledge, Divine connection, and devotion to the cause of enlightenment. Thank you, my friends!

About Dee and David:

Dee and David have been a combined spiritual force for 18 years. They have taught classes in Reiki, spiritual development, Kabala, astrology, and tarot together. They have different perspectives and communication styles that complement each other in a way that is always informative and entertaining. In recent years they were involved in a group that pursued spiritual attainment through the rigorous study and practice of The Mystical Kabala. In this group they learned to embody thought forms in order to channel higher forces for the betterment of the self and humanity as a whole. In this practice they came to work with the Archangels (especially Michael) who are the Great Guides and Guardians of Mankind. They now wish to make use of this and other experiences to take the Order of the Archangel Michael into the future.

Dee has finely attuned spirit communication. She can see and speak to the Angels and other Light Beings who have devoted themselves to the guidance and welfare of humanity. Both she and they can readily call upon the wealth of knowledge and wisdom of the ages to guide teach and heal. She receives Divine inspiration in a number of ways—through her vast reading of subjects ranging from history, psychology and literature to Western and Eastern religions and mystery traditions, New Thought Spirituality, Esoteric Psychology and the Mystical Kabala. One of the ways she demonstrates her commitment to the betterment of humanity is by teaching “English as a Second Language” classes.

David is a life-long student and teacher. His connection to the wisdom of the ages is strong and vital. He easily integrates information from the Akashic Record with the fruits of over 44 years learning in fields as diverse as Dee’s curriculum. His training includes everything from Reiki and other etheric healing techniques to years of honest self transformation using everything from traditional psychoanalysis and transformational breathwork to esoteric mystical training in the work of G. I. Gurdjief, the Arica School and the spiritual development techniques of Rudolf Steiner. He is a master astrologer, counseling and encouraging others to grow, heal and take full advantage of their live’s blessings.
To learn more about Dee and her work, visit her featured member page at http://www.orderofmichael.com/featureDShell.html. You may find more about David's offerings at http://www.orderofmichael.com/featureDavidShell.html. Both are highly gifted intuitives, astrologers, tarot readers and teachers of enlightening wisdom.

You may contact Dee by clicking here or call her at 919-250-9948.  To contact David or schedule a session, you may call him at 919-250-9766 or email him by clicking here.

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