Order of Archangel Michael


About The Light Brigade
The Council of Light whom Diana channels, which includes Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, and Melchizedek among others, oversees this group with the intention of healing the planet and hastening Ascension.

The daily program for Ascension and Healing includes a free monthly phone call facilitated by Diana. This monthly healing meditation tele-event is open to anyone; however, an additional 15 minutes added to either the beginning or end of the call will be specifically for those in the Light Brigade.

Our daily Earth Healing/Ascension program requires just a few minutes (10 minutes or more) of meditation a day (and healing energy for those who know an energy modality) on behalf of the entire world. The blessings that come from this work are often intangible yet entirely wonderful and may include feelings of joy or bliss, greater alignment with Spirit and more synchronicities and opportunities. However, the positive "side effects" of the work are not the reason we do this but rather the goal of planetary peace and ascension.

Feedback from one Light Brigade member:
I just wanted to provide some feedback that I am experiencing the daily sessions as POWERFUL! I'm doing the work about the same time every evening, and WOW do I feel a powerful group link up with me when I settle down in my space to do the work.  Thank you so much for your part in making this happen! ~ Pam Campbell

Guidelines for the group:

1. Commitment and Focus: We commit to daily meditation expanding healing/high vibrational light to the planet. While doing the daily Lightwork, we are asked to BE PRESENT and to align with the highest energy possible.

2. Harmony: When preparing for and doing our daily lightwork, we conduct ourselves with love and harmony and leave our issues outside the work.

3. Honor: To the best of our abilities, we refrain from speaking ill of anyone and/or denegrating ourselves in any way in our daily lives. While we can disagree with another's perspective, we will honor the person and ourselves to the best of our abilities.

4. Conscious Language: To the best of our abilities, we remain aware of all we speak and especially conscious about anything we place after the words "I AM."

5. Cleansing/Meditation/Balancing/Healing: We begin each Lightwork session with a brief energy *cleansing of ourselves and our space. We spend time in meditation opening to balancing/healing energies, and we channel loving vibrations to ourselves and to the entire planet.  (*Diana will provide a basic cleansing method for those who need this.)

If you are willing to make the commitment to join, please contact Diana by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to be an Order of Archangel Michael member in order to participate in this daily Lightwork. Anyone and everyone who is aligned with the Light is welcome to join The Light Brigade provided they are willing to commit to the daily work and honor the guidelines.

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