Order of Archangel Michael
Before Attending the Initiation

Preparation before Order of Michael

Preparation, energetically speaking, is really up to you, but here are some possibilities....
At the Initiation

Because OoM is interfaith and non-denominational, we wish to value everyone’s belief system and will make clear certain references toward that end.

Note about the use of Christ in the invocation and in the ceremony:

If you come from a Christian orientation, then using Christ and Christ Consciousness in the invocation is certainly a joyful thing.

If you have a different religion or belief system, you may embrace the use of this word as explained by Marianne Williamson, who is Jewish, in A Return to Love when discussing the Course in Miracles: “A Course in Miracles uses traditional Christian terminology ... in very non-traditional ways. Words like Christ, Holy Spirit, Jesus, etc. are used for their psychological rather than religious significance.... Christ refers to the Divine Love that is the core and essence of every human mind.... Jesus and other enlightened masters are our evolutionary older brothers.”
The online New Age Spirituality Dictionary gives the meaning of Christ Consciousness as: "The spiritual and mystical experience of the unity of all the universe. To attain cosmic consciousness is to see the universe as God and God as the universe, and everything as part of this whole."

If your faith is other than Christian,
it's possible to accept these words in an energetic and/or psychological framework rather than a religious one.  Those of other faiths can look at Jesus as Ascended Master Jesus and at the Christ Consciousness as a level of energy that leads us to ascension, which is what it is.  Even so, if anyone experiences discomfort at using these words, you may replace in your mind (or aloud during the invocation) the words Christed Light of Love with Unity Consciousness and the word Jesus with Sananda (also his name) or with any of the great masters (Buddha, Krishna, etc.).

The Ceremony Itself

The initiation will take place in groups of four.  Each group will sit in a diamond shape.  The person at the front of the diamond* will receive the initiation for all four.  While Diana works with the person at the front channeling Michael’s energy to him or her, Archangel Michael Himself will stand with each of the other three and perform the ceremony on each one.  The person in front with whom Diana is working will hold the energy third dimensionally for the other three, but all will receive exactly the same energy on multi-dimensional levels.

* The diamond configuration is significant. A diamond (the stone) can cut through anything but is unable to be cut by anything except itself. This symbolizes purity and integrity, both traits that resonate deeply with Archangel Michael's energy. The diamond as a form consists of two triangles joined base to base, which anchor energies from above and below and represent the Alpha and Omega. In addition, one triangle may be viewed as representing Man and the other Source or the Universe, merging together in oneness in the shape of the diamond. So it is fitting that we align energies through the diamond group of four for the initiation ceremony.

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